As medical equipment and related manufacturers ramp up to meet the demand of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sirois Tool is here to help. All of us at Sirois Tool stand ready to do our part to help the manufacturing community to meet increasing production needs of critical medical products at this challenging time. The demands on […]

Whether it’s delivering for customers or pursuing a high-tech hobby, our people are committed to precision At Sirois Tool, we understand that precision is key when it comes to parts. In applications like aerospace, firearms, or medical equipment, there is simply no room for error. That’s why we have an unmatched commitment to precision tooling. […]


In general, manufacturing in the US has picked up in the last two years. In the case of equipment manufacturing, the growth is even more pronounced. According to a US Market Research Report on Industrial Machinery & Equipment, there will be higher demand for industrial machinery and equipment over the next five years. To keep […]