NTMA ceremony

At Sirois Tool we feel it’s important to support industry associations. We believe that at a minimum you should join your industry associations to share and learn from fellow members. But it’s also important to support the organizational structure. At the National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA) Fall Conference in San Antonio last month Alan […]


Sirois Tool will once again participate in the The World’s Aerospace Alley Tradeshow presented by the ACM (Aerospace Components Manufacturers). Last year the show hosted nearly 100 local manufacturers who gave high school students exposure to a career in manufacturing Approximately 1,000 students from forty-one area schools received a first-hand learning experience The ACM annual […]


For many manufacturers today, the lack of skilled workers is at or near the top of the list of operations issues. And while many people point to automation as the culprit for lost jobs, it’s more complicated than that. Yes, the low-paying, assembly-line jobs of the 20th century are largely a thing of the past. […]

Peter Lavery

Sirois Tool is a proud sponsor of the 13th Annual Memorial Run in memory of Peter J. Lavery. This is the 5th year that Sirois has been involved. “We feel this is an important event to sponsor to show our support for the Lavery family and the entire law enforcement community” states Alan E. Ortner, […]

As industries such as aerospace and medical continue to grow at a rapid pace and all manufacturers are challenged to find and retain skilled employees, Sirois Tool understands it is critical to provide customers with solutions. As part of our ongoing commitment to upgrading to newer, more efficient, and more reliable equipment, we have made […]