Precision Tool & Gage Resource

Tooling and gages for many industries, as well as precision-machined parts and assemblies for specialty machine manufacturers.


Precision Tooling and Fixtures

We specialize in custom, low-volume tooling manufacturing. We work to your designs to provide close tolerance, precision tooling from many different materials, including carbide. With over forty years of experience in precision tooling, we bring you expert solutions and a quality product.


ID Grinding Quills

We manufacture custom I.D. Grinding Quills to your designs and specifications. These include internal and external threaded Quills, Collet Quills, Glue-on Quills and almost any other design you can come up with. We make these Quills from your choice of materials including: Steel, Carbide, Ferro-Tic® and more. We also manufacture other spindle parts and accessories, including wheel screws, wheel nuts, pulleys, spindle shafts and housings, all made to your designs.



We manufacture precision Gages to your designs and specifications. These include anything from simple Go-NoGo gages to complex Gage Assemblies. We also manufacture our line of Dow Gages, and we design and manufacture the tooling needed to use these for your appropriate applications.


Precision Parts and Assemblies

We manufacture Precision Parts and Assemblies for manufacturers and users of several types of precision machines. We specialize in complex, precision parts and assemblies, especially prototypes and small volume orders. These parts and assemblies can be part of a complete supply program, including blanket orders, drop shipments and just in time delivery.




Dow GageDow Gage specializes in the engineering, design and manufacture of a line of Dow-Gages, used on the shop floor, for in-process and post-process inspection of precision-machined parts.

North American Spring ToolNorth American Spring Tool offers a complete line of carbide and steel tooling for the spring industry. Products and services include: Special Tooling, Duplicate Tooling, Carbide Applications, Engineering Assistance and Salvage/Rework.



Sirois has been an Outstanding supplier to Gerber for many, many years! Commitment to customer service, quality, and delivery puts Sirois at the top. Sirois is one of the best machining suppliers in New England.


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